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Lecture on Data Model

by pritam on 14 Jul 2014
Content covered: 
  • This lecture explains the concept of Data Model.
  • Data Model basically tells about structure, introduces you to abstraction and tells how data is stored and processed in the system.
  • 3 types of Data Model exists:
  1. Hierarchical Model
  2. Network Model
  3. Relational Model

Hierarchical Model:

  • ​it was first proposed by IBM.
  • it is a tree like structure, one parent may have multiple child but child will have only one parent.
  • one to many relationship exists.

Network Model:

  • it is a graph like structure.
  • child may have multiple parents.
  • m:n relationship exists.

Relational Model:

  • Data is organised in form of 2D tables.
  • Ex. : MySQL, Oracle,..
  • Relationship among table exists.

Hi sir . in relational model data is store in tables BT in other models how it is stored actually?

pritam's picture

I assume BT stands for "but".

Data is always stored in files which is ultimately handled by underlying Operating System. The table which you see is a logical modeling of the related data. So, whether is is network model, hierarchal model, data is always stored in files.