Illustration on finding frame length in Ethernet

Shivesh Kumar Roy @shiveshroy 29 Dec 2016 06:02 pm

Sir Minimum Length of the packet is 277.7bits  i.e packet size should be greater than or at least equal to 277.7 bits , So I think after rounding off the packet size should be 278bits (Even if it comes to be 277.2 bits, After rounding off the packet size should be 278 technically). Please clear this confusion because for numerical type questions 277 is different from 278.

Pritam Prasun @pritam 29 Dec 2016 07:17 pm

Sivesh, You are absolutely correct. It will be 278 as

L/B >= RTT

I will add a comment in the video too. Thanks for pointing out.

Hradesh @hradeshpatel 29 Dec 2016 07:38 pm

i think here TT >= 2*PT so here L>= 277.78 so here sir 277.78 is minmum so here 278 bit is right?? plz check sir??

Ankush @ankushkundaliya 9 Feb 2017 03:23 pm

In Practice. packet length or slot time is always a power of 2.

eg: in 10Mbps ethernet it will be 512 bit times