When should one start preparing for GATE?

When should one start preparing for GATE?

  • This is the most common question that I have came across on variety of social sites with variety of responses. In my opinion , no time is too early or too late to start preparing for GATE.

  • Only one thing that is needed for GATE is “GATE worm”. When you are anxious enough, hungry like anything for GATE than, it’s the most appropriate time for you to land in the battlefield of GATE , else forget about it.

P.S. : For me GATE is my need ,my dream and everything for my survival.

    Ideally , one should start preparing in parallel to course subjects taught during college , start grasping concept and solve questions of GATE then.

  • Perfect schedule for GATE aspirants :
    One can follow VIRTUAL GATE schedule just like any other holy book and land into your dream college.

  • TEST SERIES: Must solve all GATE papers , and solve 2 full length test of any test series before appearing for actual GATE.

  • REVISION : Mug up your hand made notes like anything , solve GATE questions, analyse your weakness , and strengthen your concepts. Revision should be cumulative in nature. You can do it on weekly , monthly basis.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST “SLEEP” : SLEEP for at least 6 hours.

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!


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