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What to do when your preparation is getting disturbed?

What to do when your preparation is getting disturbed?

Due to unknown or known reasons , there are situations when many things become hinderance in your preparation, they are just blockage to your pathway to success.
What should one do then?
Be calm and chill , you can't do anything for your losses, regretting on these will just waste your time and energy , may emotionally hurt you. So, big question arises , what should one do then?
Just throw away your frustration by taking a deep breath and start over again , give your best in the time remaining to your exam. 
After all , you will have satisfaction that you gave your best.
Courage lies in roaring your boat against the stream, it is an extra-ordinary task achieved.
How to start fresh?
Just remember why are you bearing so much pain, and remember all these will get healed up after your success.
The obstacles are just small pebbles which can just hurt you but can't finish you off . So, have the guts to start again , plan accordingly , and play a game for yourself.
All the best!!!!!!

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