Credentials have associated Costs. At Techtud, with your efforts you can earn points for your profile, automatically leading you to appropriate credentials or user level. Higher user level on Techtud directly projects the level of your current credibility amongst the fellow members.

  • babytud
    Baby Tud

    Points Required | 2^4 = 16

    • A new registered member starts as BabyTud.
    • Initially, 16 points are awarded as the joining bonus.
    • With this level, user can ask/reply doubts and share contents which are published after verification.
  • Tud

    Points Required | 2^7 = 128

    • It is the first credible level.
    • Tud has permission to share videos, illustrations, resources, examples etc.
  • Tud Lead
    Tud Lead

    Points Required | 2^10 = 1024

    • Doubts by users on this level are given priority by the experts.
    • Tud Lead can also offer a course.
  • Tech

    Points Required | 2^13 = 8K

    • It is the first expert's level.
    • Tech can select an answer as best answer.
  • Tech Lead
    Tech Lead

    Points Required | 2^15 = 32K

    • Credible professors and researchers are directly promoted to this level.
    • Tech Lead has all the permissions.
  • Super Tech
    Super Tech

    Points Required | 2^17 = 128K

    • This level is a benchmark.
    • Earning point is the only way to reach this level.